Stir Fry Mushroom with Green Chilli and Salted Soy Beans

Stir fry Mushroom with green chilli and salted soy beans. – thanks to Deera for her inspirations.

Modified by me,


2 table spoon extra virgin oil
3 garlic crushed
200gr fresh mushroom
3 table spoons salted soy beans (available on jar)
4 green chillies ,sliced
3-4 tablespoons sweet soy sauce as needed
1 spring onion,thinly sliced for ganish.


Heat the oil ,stir fry the garlic until fragrant, add the mushroom,cook for 1 min,add the salted soybeans, cook the mushroom 1 min,add the sweet soy sauce, cook for 1 min,turn off the heat, ready to eat.