TUMPENG ala LiaDella

I made Indonesian TUMPENG (yellow rice shaped with assorted dishes around it ) for My hubby 40th birthday

– It’s Indonesian traditinal celebration dish. eg: birthday,wedding or baby shower.

Yellow rice shaped (nasi kuning) including:

Potato fritter (perkedel)
Vegetarian Hokkien noodle
Spicy eggs (balado telor)
Cooked vegetables with spiced grated coconut (Urap sayur)
Beef rendang Padang
Spicy anchovy with peanuts (Teri kacang)
Fried Chicken (ayam goreng)
Potato and Chicken Gizzard and Liver with petai beans  (sambel goreng ati ampla kentang pete )

The vegetables decorations : cucumber crowns, tomato skins roses,chilly flower/fire.

It’s really time consuming to make this TUMPENG, although I had fun and enjoyed every details. Loves the decorations I made!! It’s so fun and I am so proud of my self. haha.

Well nothing goes wrong when you make something with your love and passion for someone you love I guess. :)) Happy Birthday My darling :)) -LD- xx