Special dish for Stu tercintah

I am so lazy to cook lately,so I only cook simple foods for the last two days.Yesterday I made noodle with mince pork and mushroom (simple ingredients and surprisingly.. Thomas ate it!!! )

Why I am so lazy ?? coz… I am busy with my new cookies and cakes project!! hahahaha I will make another cupcakes soon… I am so excited.. and the kids too (excited to eat) hehehehe..:P

Noodle with mince pork and mushroom

Tonight I made my self and the whole family Fried rice and fried chicken a’la LD
Its so easy and I marinated the chicken with LD sauce.. hahaha what is LD sauce??? Its sauce made by LD off course.. and who is LD? 😛
it’s me… Lia Della hehehe 😀

Lia Della’s Special Fried rice for My Stuart tercintah..
(Nasi goreng pake ayam,telor and krupuk bo!!)

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