Cupcakes anyone?

Finally I made vanilla cupcakes again,which I made special for Stu’s mum. She ordered some to bring them to work. So anyone interested?? I will be happy to charge you he he he nah.. I am kidding.. well if you interested with “Princess cupcakes” contact me okay..

This time I was so very pleased with my cupcakes,the buttercream was soooo perfect, the glitter was so pretty with the flower on the top,and the taste.. so delicious like ussual 😛

cupcakesbunga1.jpg cupcakesbunga2.jpg
“Cupcake Princess” by Lia Della

Ready to go

In the other hand Mandy had ordered some rendang from me.. and I got some left over rendang for dinner. (I am so sorry if too hot for you mandy :P)

Rice and rendang (even Thomas eat it) he he he

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