Yum cha = chicken feet

Stu and I went out to have yum cha today, was yummy.. and Stu tried the chicken feet.. 🙂 actually I never tried chicken feet before too,I gave it a go today.. It tasted like a marshmallow texture he he he.. but the feeling eating “Chicken feet” made me feel little bit sick,but most of the food was delicious.

We added something about the wedding ( Details in the wedding section ). So Happy 🙂 Soalnya dikit demi dikit tuntas he he he.. sekarng tinggal cari2 baju nih… baju buat gw, stu and anak2 juga si putri. well satu2 kali ya? 😛
I made this chicken drumsticks with sweet soy sauce and chilli today,inspired from my cousin in Sydney but I modified a bit.

nasi_ayamkuah kecap.jpg
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