Barramundi fish is our favourite fish. I love the taste.. hm…. you can grilled it, pan fried it… steamed it.. and it’s just taste so good.

This time I pan fried the fish with some rice flour and spices.. then pour the spicy tangy sauce on top of it.. Easy and quick dinner .. :))

The twins in Sydney from Sunday.. I missssss them already.. my cheeky handsome boys… I hope they don’t get spoil too much by their dads family.. hahaha.. coz when they come back to their beautiful mum they will back to the reality!! yes.. reality my boys… 🙂

I miss the boys but not really worry about it, enjoying my single time, hahaha.. especially my sister just bought a new car, so most of the time when she’s home we just drive to some places.

Jgn lupa makannya pake nasi anget ngepul2.. hm… pedes2 asem seger…. :))

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