Weekend Gathering

Weekend kemaren kita undang Mama-Papa nya Stu buat dinner di rumah. Karena gue kepinginan bikin Curry Kapitan dan Coconut Pandan Pudding. SO jadi lah makanan2 dibawah ini. Curry Kapitan isn’t my favourite curry afterall, so I won’t be bother to put the recipe on my page 🙂

However the Pudding turns alright, ok lagh buat ngidam2 pingin makan yg manis2 ala indo.. resepnya guampang bgt deh ntr kalo sempet pasti gue taro resepnya di page samping 🙂

I also made some Crumbed Chicken ( I made this chicken many times so I didn’t take the photo) and Crumbed Cauliflower (same ingredients with my Crumbed Chicken). Kids enjoyed it. especially TC who loves the food galore on the weekend.. they ate like a horse 😀 (jelek mata dan serakah 🙂 biasa deh anak2..) tapi yg penting abis sih.. sayang gue nga potoin itu piring si TC.. bener2 sebakul ngambilnya tapi abis juga heheheh..

Few weeks ago we went to Indian Restaurant and ever since I was craving to make Samosa. Finally I got a change to make home made Samosa, the filling itself easy to make, the pastry?? tell me about it!! it’s pain in the ass.. but it’s really worth it, I can say its my favourite snack even though I had to knead the dough until my right knuckle sore hahaha..

I won’t use the home made pastry if I ever include this dish for our next party.. I will definitely use ready puff pastry,save my knuckle becomes retarded 🙂

The Puff Pastry Samosa (yummmmmm)

Left: Home made pastry Samosa (taste better) | Right: Ready made puff pastry Samosa

Nasi Uduk (fragant coconut rice) is typical breakfast in Jakarta, yes some people have rice for breakfast in Jakarta 🙂 and Nasi Uduk always topped off fried onion and it comes with the Rolled Omellete and Fried Rice Noodle and Peanut Chilli Sauce.

I made this dish for dinner though, it’s pretty light dinner but I also made some Springrolls on the side (yes another 50 springrolls) 🙂 Cameron my little “rakus” boy requested the springrolls yesterday.

Nah ini dia.. si brokoli pertama dr kebun kita.. 🙂 seneng juga liat tanam2an kita berkembang dengan sempurna.. thanks to my hubby yg getol bgt ama kebunnya.. while sang istri yg metik2 ajah.. dan juga kita panen snow peas bo!! ampe jereng metiknya plus ampe enek makannya tapi tetebbb kita hepi bgt ama panen sayur mayur dr kebun huhahahahha..
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