Happy Birthday Olivia

We celebrated Stu’s mum birthday yesterday at our place, It always nice to have people comes and enjoying my yummo food galore 😛

The preparations was easy,and no hassel at all, I have my sister helped me with the chicken satay, from the cutting of the chicken thighs right to putting them on the sticks,I was happy with all the foods, especially my Perkedel and my Spicy eggplants and Eggs. My kalio ayam (Padang chicken curry) was nice as well with the tofu,While my chicken satay always been the ultimate dish with the rice cake 😛

Olivia in the other hand always looks beautiful and classy,also family and friends enjoyed the night and my sister wore a skirt!! 😀

All smile…

Ms.LD and her passions 😛

Stu’s parents with some of their friends

Top: Stu maruk | aku dan stu gaya terus
Bottom: Olivia,Twins and Washil | Lysa and her gorgeous sons


Happy Birthday Olivia
xox Stu and Lia

Top: Kevin and Paul | People in patio
Bottom: Stu dividing the cake | Kids enjoying the BACI CHEESE CAKE

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